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PING serves as an online space for home and personal services, streamlining day-to-day life and eliminating hassles for users.

Design System
User research
product design

I conducted a comprehensive analysis of the apps of major players in the handyman market, outlining their feature sets, information architecture, UX/UI practices, and visual styles. Based on these findings, I compiled a detailed 70+ page report, providing our team with valuable insights for informed design decisions moving forward.

Our first step was to develop a comprehensive understanding of the future app's structure and hierarchy by creating a spider diagram that included all entities and actions. After the client approval of the structure, we used it as the basis for creating high-fidelity wireframes for the entire app.

Guided onboarding

During the onboarding process, users are required to set up their account by providing details in a sequence. To simplify this process, we initiated the creation of mini video tutorials for each step. In qualitative tests, conducted by product team, most users were able to complete this task successfully the first time.

High fidelity designs

I utilized the familiarity that users already had with other apps the market in order to smooth the learning curve and minimise any potential friction associated with a completely new technology. This allowed for easy inheritance of design principles such as logic, layering, controls, and fonts.


To this day, Ping continues to use and evolve the app we designed, to provide customization and control over their interactive services.

Mohsin’s professionalism and discipline enabled us to have a fruitful collaboration with Ping team, despite time and budget constraints. We were able to create a product that met the client’s goals and expectations and continues to be used and evolved to this day.

Fazel Rehman, Head of product at Deal Cart