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Medi-ca is an online platform where you can effortlessly access, save, and even share your health reports with your trusted physicians.

Design System
product design

I embarked on an exciting journey through the competitive landscape, delving deep into the world of market competitors. Armed with insights on their unique feature sets, the intricate web app of information architecture, captivating UX/UI practices, and captivating visual styles, I set out to craft a vision that was mainstream for the product.

A complete Product & Design work combined with accurate strategies and a sharp UX approach.

Starting with the seamless onboarding experience. We've reimagined the account setup process, transforming it into an effortless series of steps that guide user through the journey of providing his essential details.

Within this portal, we've crafted an ecosystem that caters to the unique roles of three distinct user types: patients, laboratories, and doctors. Each group plays a pivotal role in this digital symphony.

For our cherished patients, it's all about empowerment. They can effortlessly gaze into the vast landscape of their medical history, sharing and managing their reporting journey with ease, as if they held the reins of their health in the palm of their hand.

Laboratories side, the heartbeat of the diagnostic world, have a stage of their own. They wield the power to add, remove, and expertly manage their side of the equation, ensuring the precision and reliability we all depend on.

there are our diligent doctors, the bridge between patients and laboratories. They're equipped not just to add reports but to facilitate meaningful connections, fostering communication between the patient and laboratory sides, as they navigate the intricate web of healthcare.

Finally, together with a UX/UI designer we developed a comprehensive design system that included all design assets, such as colours, typography, icons, animation guidelines, responsiveness guidelines, interactive elements behaviour, and feedback principles.

In this platform, we've used a tapestry of small yet mighty components. Like building blocks, these components come together to create a symphony of consistency and clarity, allowing you to effortlessly unravel the intricate hierarchy that lies at the heart of this digital realm.

Our careful planning and processes have created a highly impactful platform.

As the sands of time continue to flow, Medi-ca remains in a state of constant evolution. What remains unwavering, though, is the design system and libraries we've meticulously crafted for this journey.

Mohsin and his team managed to turn the complex requirements into a beautiful and intuitive platform, drastically lowering the threshold and flattening the learning curve for the new users. The look and feel of the Medi-ca now fully matches the innovative company goals and user’s needs.

ABDUL WADOOD, Engineering head Medi-ca.