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Arzepak is an AI-based portal enables you to make the right decision in a simple, smooth and easy way. It’s that genie that knows exactly what you want in a way you understand.

Design System
User research
product design

My teammate and I started conducting user interviews and focus groups as we designed this product from scratch. We arrived at the problem statement, customer view, and market requirements after focusing on user analysis.

The user needed a marketplace with instant results. frustrated by false advertisements and a poor user experience. A platform was demanded by the market to advertise homes and budget-friendly plans. All functionalities were offered by Arzepak on a single platform.

The results of the design testing indicate access to the best for usage and product introduction.

External Part

My coworker and I developed a better analysis capability that we could easily incorporate onto the Arzepak platform after thoroughly ideating. The feature would have several entry points, making it simple to use and giving consumers insights that are simple to grasp.

The mobile version is built using the mobile application design principle, with the main navigation of the screen, which makes it more convenient to use on touch devices.

An informative artwork page helps you make a buying decision faster. All essential information about the work itself, as well as the process of buying or returning, is at hand. The users can view the work in the smallest detail and provide a full-screen display.

The user is guided by the area guide information integration of the city's population, real estate trends, colleges, schools, and a variety of other topics. When deciding whether to invest in real estate, the user will find these beneficial.

Internal Part

In addition to the public part of the site, we have fully developed its internal part, where each user category has personal accounts with the appropriate functionality. A single login form is used, and you can change the type of profile after signing up at any time.

Since sellers need to provide much more information about themselves than buyers, we tried to break down the entire registration process into simple steps, adding motivating gamification. After all, creative people don’t like the routine at all!

For sellers, we created a more professional tool for order management, with full details of all payments and a spectacular dashboard that helps to monitor profits in real-time.

For users, To add their properties for listing and to generate leads on the platform. We give them a quick and user friendly sections.